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Facilitating SustainableCorn Trade Globally

The Sustainable Corn Exports (SCE) platform helps farmers, exporters and importers of U.S. corn to validate sustainable production practices in international markets

Corn Sustainability Assurance Protocol: CSAP

The Sustainable Corn Exports platform adopts the U.S. Grains Council’s Corn Sustainability Assurance Protocol (CSAP) to outline and communicate the best practices being implemented by U.S. farmers and the laws and regulations that guarantee the sustainable production of U.S. corn.

Corn kernel
The U.S. is the largest producer of corn in the world
Sun shinning down on a corn field
Export Destinations
U.S. Corn and its co-products provide food, feed, fiber and fuel to the world
Farmers inspecting ear of corn
MMT of Exports
U.S. corn plays an important role in many international supply chains
USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE), https://shorturl.at/tBDT8
The Sustainable Corn Exports (SCE) Platform

The SCE web-based platform gives corn exporters and importers a tool to provide international supply chain stakeholders with the sustainability insights they may require about U.S. corn production practices.

Registering with SCE

By registering as a user of the SCE platform, you will be able to issue, transfer, sub-allocate and access Records of Sustainability (ROS), linked to each international shipment of corn eligible under the total U.S. volume allocation.

CSAP V1.1 has been benchmarked as Gold-level equivalent against SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA)

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